Thursday, 20 June 2013

Last week's painting session

Last week I barely knew how to paint. Then I had a realisation when I heard that it's simply light and shadows. I'd already heard this a number of times but I finally understood it for some reason. You don't set out to paint a 3-dimensional object, rather you paint light and darkness to suggest the object. well, that's the mentality I've taken on board at least.

I usually find learning new skills frustrating, but last week was so damn exciting. This is a medium which i've wanted to convey through for as long as I can remember. I've just never given myself the patience to understand how it's done. But now is an exciting time. hooray for colour values

this was one of 4 commissioned pieces. This one turned out the best I think.

Also I have Feng Zhu to thank for a lot of the principals I've been taking on. His tutorial videos have taught me a lot of things I already know, but I always forget to consider. well worth checking out:

any of them

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