Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Doodles and lecture-sketches.

Long time no see.

Here's some sketches from a few lil moleskin throwaways that I keep on me, they're great fun and real unthreatening. Paper, intimidating? shu'up.

I've been drawing more and more with pens recently. On the butt end of an animation degree i've become accustomed to penciling everything. But as a kid I used to draw almost entirely with black pens and sharpies basically, so I feel really comfortable doodling in this way. It's cool that there's no space for correcting errors with ink. Once it's down on page with me if i'm unhappy with it it becomes a matter of disguising it, or trying to turn it into something else. I don't use white out (though I probably should in some cases). So you're forced to come up with these really interesting ideas and you get lead by the page in some strange directions. Pens I reckon make better ideas than i'd happen upon with pencils. Pencil is good for refining those ideas though.

enough my yacking.

Rough thumbs for a The Insomniac.

Mojo Jojo kind of happened. He's got a great design.

Insom stuff.

Hewlett in mind.

More Insom.

Prague week 1 lecture sketch.
Worth mentioning some of the annotations are joking lecture notes.

What if Kyle Maglaughlan was an asshole spiritual guide. This was one of those pub ideas that comes outta a love for Kevin Smith and alcohol. I swear I've put these up here before...

Stuff from when I was in the Czech Republic. What can I say, I live an exotic lifestyle.

Some of these are probably doubles.