Monday, 21 January 2013

Current projects. Pixel art, The Insomniac, and more.

A very quick update of some of the things i've been up to.

A comic collaboration I'm currently working on. A werewolf western.

Work for a iphone game idea I have. Would like to develop it, at least create a bible for it. It's a game where you have to chase bad guys and take them down.. basically.

pixel art is much more difficult and more time consuming than it looks. I feel it's closer to pattern making than drawing. I suppose you could argue that drawing is pattern making.... but yeah. Kind of inspired by that skateboarding game in wario ware inc for the gba, a game called Punch Quest, and old sprite artwork for the Street Fighter's, Metal Slug and Streets of Rage. I love SNES era (16-bit i believe) pixel art. Something I wanna get more into. Would be cool to do some animation for a game like this.

Progression of The Insomniac character, for my comic.

shitty muscle anatomy.

page rough layouts and panel compositions.

In my opinion the best version of the Insomniac I've drawn. The boots are decided, even if everything else isn't quite.

more layouts

Insomniac and Vex

potential colour schemes.

Colour palettes.

Storyboard example.

Tech test

Logo concept for a friend's production company.

Aaaand an illustration for my Nana's birthday. She used to love cats.

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