Sunday, 6 October 2013

'Pigs In Paris' & comic stuff

A game I helped design for a course mate a couple of months ago.
'PIGS IN PARIS!'... this guy's game. I dunno where you can find it but if you're curious it'll be around somewhere.

some turnarounds.

And some rough untouched comic pages from the highly anticipated first issue

by yours truly.

lil script snippet.

more to follow.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Another painting

Something I started last week.

Partly inspired by Caravaggio and paintings of religious icons.

Monday, 1 July 2013

smoke trees

Just a HB style cartoon character doodly study thing.

Camera phoned. Don't have a scanner with me.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Last week's painting session

Last week I barely knew how to paint. Then I had a realisation when I heard that it's simply light and shadows. I'd already heard this a number of times but I finally understood it for some reason. You don't set out to paint a 3-dimensional object, rather you paint light and darkness to suggest the object. well, that's the mentality I've taken on board at least.

I usually find learning new skills frustrating, but last week was so damn exciting. This is a medium which i've wanted to convey through for as long as I can remember. I've just never given myself the patience to understand how it's done. But now is an exciting time. hooray for colour values

this was one of 4 commissioned pieces. This one turned out the best I think.

Also I have Feng Zhu to thank for a lot of the principals I've been taking on. His tutorial videos have taught me a lot of things I already know, but I always forget to consider. well worth checking out:

any of them

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Profile studies

The last couple of days I've been trying to concentrate on understanding the human profile. It's fascinating and full of crazy details. It's amazing with life drawing what difference a single line or tweak can make. bloody crazy.

Doodles and lecture-sketches.

Long time no see.

Here's some sketches from a few lil moleskin throwaways that I keep on me, they're great fun and real unthreatening. Paper, intimidating? shu'up.

I've been drawing more and more with pens recently. On the butt end of an animation degree i've become accustomed to penciling everything. But as a kid I used to draw almost entirely with black pens and sharpies basically, so I feel really comfortable doodling in this way. It's cool that there's no space for correcting errors with ink. Once it's down on page with me if i'm unhappy with it it becomes a matter of disguising it, or trying to turn it into something else. I don't use white out (though I probably should in some cases). So you're forced to come up with these really interesting ideas and you get lead by the page in some strange directions. Pens I reckon make better ideas than i'd happen upon with pencils. Pencil is good for refining those ideas though.

enough my yacking.

Rough thumbs for a The Insomniac.

Mojo Jojo kind of happened. He's got a great design.

Insom stuff.

Hewlett in mind.

More Insom.

Prague week 1 lecture sketch.
Worth mentioning some of the annotations are joking lecture notes.

What if Kyle Maglaughlan was an asshole spiritual guide. This was one of those pub ideas that comes outta a love for Kevin Smith and alcohol. I swear I've put these up here before...

Stuff from when I was in the Czech Republic. What can I say, I live an exotic lifestyle.

Some of these are probably doubles.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Clash McBarriage!

Probably chuck in 2 inbetweens in a sec, and update this mother.

with two inbetweens. 

Two inbetweens, but sped up.


He's meant to be running but at the moment I think it looks more like a power walk. 
Maybe with the inbetweens I added his back foot should be off the floor?

update again: I made his left leg/arm a bit darker so they read better...

Monday, 18 February 2013

Sprites man.

Being a fan of the original Megaman, I used him as a base for designing a lower res version of Clash McBarrage, the hero of my iphone game concept. Also drew up Clash as a policeman and a vigilante, some of the themes in the game. Then I just figured I'd try to design The Insomniac in the same style.

Monday, 21 January 2013

Current projects. Pixel art, The Insomniac, and more.

A very quick update of some of the things i've been up to.

A comic collaboration I'm currently working on. A werewolf western.

Work for a iphone game idea I have. Would like to develop it, at least create a bible for it. It's a game where you have to chase bad guys and take them down.. basically.

pixel art is much more difficult and more time consuming than it looks. I feel it's closer to pattern making than drawing. I suppose you could argue that drawing is pattern making.... but yeah. Kind of inspired by that skateboarding game in wario ware inc for the gba, a game called Punch Quest, and old sprite artwork for the Street Fighter's, Metal Slug and Streets of Rage. I love SNES era (16-bit i believe) pixel art. Something I wanna get more into. Would be cool to do some animation for a game like this.

Progression of The Insomniac character, for my comic.

shitty muscle anatomy.

page rough layouts and panel compositions.

In my opinion the best version of the Insomniac I've drawn. The boots are decided, even if everything else isn't quite.

more layouts

Insomniac and Vex

potential colour schemes.

Colour palettes.

Storyboard example.

Tech test

Logo concept for a friend's production company.

Aaaand an illustration for my Nana's birthday. She used to love cats.