Friday, 16 November 2012

Drawings I've been up to for a while.

Here's a bunch of things old and new that I've been working on. Some of these things date back months and months...

'Two of a Kind' rough production logo.
My housemate and myself sparked up an animation / illustration company for kicks and we needed a logo. I originally came up with this cheesy / corny / crappy idea of having a deck of cards ON FIRE with the two jokers sticking out of the pack (being me and Jason) with the title 'TWO OF A KIND PRODUCTIONS' underneath it all. The idea stuck because of it's sheer stupidity and wackness. Since then the deck of cards idea changed to two cards with caricatures of us jumping out of them. I've added colour etc but still too early to show. The only thing that is left to do is really the designs of the actual joker cards, which i keep putting off for one reason or another.. We're not a real animation company, but it's fun to make belief that we're wealthy professionals with expensive suits and gold watches.

'Ascenseur pour l'├ęchafaud' doodle.
Random sketch I did over the holidays when I was watching the film 'Elevator to the Gallows' (1958)... Not a whole lot to say about this one. Something about it I really like. I think it's the bridge part of her nose. and that alone is why it's here on the blog for your viewing pleasure.

'The Insomniac' early character development
Don't criticise... This is my very rough (mega old) comic book idea about a truly flawed and unexpected hero. I have a lot on this (most of it in my head), but I always find it hard to delve into. Hopefully this guy and his universe will have a future post all to themselves. I'm really keen to run with this idea (it's super layered and deep) so keep a look out for it. oh yeah, I drew the whole darn thing with a mouse / or trackpad thing on mactops just because I couldn't be bothered to go fetch my tablet. It's cool that as a result the angularness gives the design a Mignola-esque quality. This character has since developed in my mind and no longer really looks like this.

Mudman sketches for 'Molok'
Another idea potentially in the works. I. can't. write. no. more. but the story is sorta a hit at twisted religion and how blind faith can cause all sorts of problems. Like that psycho lady from The Mist who convinces the survivors in the shopping to shank people.

The first couple of drawings that helped spawn the 'Molok' concept.
I love that somewhere in Papua New Guinea there are people that make clay pot heads and run around acting like spirits.

The ghoul idea development.
These are the first couple o' odd little doodles i've done for my German Expressionist inspired idea that could quite possibly (if I develop it) tackle some pretty deep insecurities of mine. that is all.

This 'Besties' thing was an idea I had for an animated TV series / or a webcomic or webisode based project. Under construction, not sure right now whether anything will happen with it.

'Besties' character development, showing early Bully.

other stuff

more Bully

Some of Hector, with focus on his overall shape

Early Dermit.
All sorts, and height relation.

Hector 'terminator' gag from episode concept.

other ideas.

cool guys, I hope these drawing were amusing. Looking at them now I feel no inspiration whatsoever. No need to pick up a pen/pencil and draw more. I'm in a weird mental space right now that hopefully I will get out of real soon. Ralph signing out.

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