Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Fresh lumber for the open fire

Hello again! Long time no see. You've grown up so much, look how tall you are!

I'm just kidding this is just a blog.

So after some careful consideration I've decided to rekindle the fire of my long forgotten 'Greetings weary traveller' blog. It's been unkept for what could be over a year now. The lawn is tall the trees are overgrown, and there's deer shit everywhere. It's like when you've neglected to play Animal Crossing in like over a year and none of the ducks and cats remember you and they're all angry and the town where you grew up has gone to shit... That's exactly what it's like. Needless to say I've got a lot of lumbering to do. I've only just managed to brush off the dust and cobwebs with my new blog design and banner. There's still much to be done. This will be my home once again where I will showcase my latest work. There's all sorts of exciting things I want to show you, but you'll have to be patient with me. I've got LITERALLY folders upon folders of work that need to be organised before being thrown about the web willy nilly. I'm talking maybe a year of personal work + current stuff. It's a lot of gravy to sift through.

If I was you I'd still expect to see some regular updates on this newly revamped blog though.

As Sean Galloway (Cheeks) might say, "Hope y'all digs"

here's the rough of the new banner

Hooray I'm back. Here have a tree. I've got too many of them anyway.

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