Friday, 31 August 2012

Commission to Mars

So I managed to draw up some mock Sci-fi comic posters for a TV show my folks are working on. These all date back to around the 25th of July.

This is the DC/Marvel-esque logo I came up with. Looks kinda soviet.
It's sort of meant to read as 'I-D' but probably doesn't translate well. Should have put the actual name of the publishing house underneath the logo to explain it like most companies do, but I didn't.

This was one poster. Maybe I'll upload the colour version later on. I prefer the black and white.
I'm kind of over these as I type this up. When I was drawing them I thought I'd made a huge artistic breakthrough.

Poster two.. Back from America recently, I took reference from some of the 60s spacesuits I saw on display at the Kennedy Space Centre. Was really cool!! The like accordion arms actually exist.

In space no one can hear you play the arm-accordion. ehh I'm just joshin' you.

Poster three... I had Frazetta in mind whilst drawing this. Also semi inspired by a war propaganda poster from the 40s of a soldier facing a sky of falling bombs that I saw in a museum in Charleston. The rubble looks shit. Like a shitty box factory explosion... I don't even know why I drew it that way. Didn't even bother to ink them in properly. Fucken sucks eggs. I like the back muscles though.

le werk stacione

lil rough thumb things.

Some titles. I loike these I do.

Maybe post some things tomorrow. Perhaps give it a rest. The kind of typing I did on the last post takes me forever to draft out. And I probably still sound like an obnoxious asshole. Sucks to have an opinion. a boring, hateful one.

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