Thursday, 24 March 2011

The beginning of the redesigned Akira redesigns...

So I haven't uploaded anything for a while... In short, I've been slack.. Comic Wednesday never happened neither... Here's my redesign of the Yamagata character from 'Akira'.

This is what he looked like before
Dont look too long... and dont bother reading all that crap..

This is what he looks like now

Took a picture of myself as pose reference...
I'm happy with how it turned out.. Now to make the others look as good.

This is the character as he looks in the anime, for reference...

Here's the other heads..

I still have Kaneda, Tetsuo, and kei to draw... I gave Tetsuo a more softer, innocent look as he stands at the beginning of the film, before he's corrupted by power and goes insane. he's the one in the middle.


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  2. Yamagata looks awesome, nice body shape dude, really cool to see the colour on it, and taking of his gloves to revial his hand wraps, nice touch man. cant wait to see how the others turn out.