Sunday, 26 December 2010

Tavern colours

 This is a design for the tavern setting for my project... The tavern plays a very important role in my piece, almost acting as the 7th character. It's where the majority of the episodes start and end.

"The inside of the tavern is warm. low-key lit by spaced out lanterns and overhanging lamps. A fireplace casts waves of flickering shadows across the cobbled floor simulating water. The walls are lined with memorabilia from forgotten ages, myths and tales. Old crooked photos and older painted portraits of lost souls. Each piece a story. " - myself

Here's some colour keys showing colour alterations and possibilities. 

 This one, changed slightly, could be used almost as a night time / lights out version to the original... much colder, darker and greater contrast.
 another one...
and another one...

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