Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Somebody learn me a thing or two about character redesign...

What's the difference between "fanart" and character redesign?.. I suppose fanart is a strictly cosmetic rehash, but you can't always be sure... Whereas I think character redesign changes both the 'character' and the visual design aspects. With that in mind it feels like what's being asked of me for this latest project is to not simply change the look of a well known character, but literally f**ken change everything about the character.. Or perhaps show it in a different light... But I may as well be doing a character design project if that's the case...

What if I don't want to change the 'character' aspect of the character? I don't mean to sound know-it-all arrogant, but I'm sure with modern character adaptations to the animation industry, they mustn't stray too far away from the already well established 'character' aspect... Especially if the whole purpose of the move to animation in the first place is because the show is really f**ken popular and has a thriving fanbase... Why change anything if the money's raking in?... You could argue that 'character' redesign is done to broaden the show's market appeal, and I reckon that'd be right, but for how far? I think it's mostly, if not solely cosmetic.

Also surely a character redesign project where we get to chose a character of our choice (a personal favourite) and draw it, that's fanart!! ... I'm confused...

Anyway here's my first rough full on depiction of Eric Powell's 'The Goon', looking very much like the Goon... Too much it seems. I'm not happy with it yet.. and I'm thinking of going an elaborate pen tool route again, cause you know, i love that stuff. And it would lend itself well to flash animation.

Here's a picture of the actual Goon for reference.

I feel like being on an art course everything boils down to personal opinion... And because of that I sometimes find it hard to learn..

tell me what you think, I won't bite your face off I swear, I'm just not sure what's being asked of me and am a bit confused.

(for the record I don't know anything about the industry... This is all speculation and thinking out loud)
by god this is almost like a diary, but i don't care. I don't care 'bout nothin'.

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  1. man that look soo nice ! damn you and your tablet awesomness!