Thursday, 9 December 2010

SEA-NILE emerges from the watery depths...

This is a rough group shot concept of the main characters of my animated series idea... There's still a lot to do... The old man is not finalised. So this piece kind of acts as a rough bunch of ideas thrown together. The ghosts (everybody in the back) and their stories are going to be black and white, the old man and the tavern setting are going to be in colour.

I've already talked about Wallace (the deep sea diver) so I should probably mention everybody else...

Right of Wallace is Skuld, the viking chieftan. He looks pissed off (my bad) but I assure you he's a good guy. Back in the 10th century (or something like that), sailing through a fog, his ship got consumed by a mysterious thunderstorm. He saw a bright light in the distance, so decided to sail on towards the possible refuge. On approaching the light his crew were driven insane by a weird screaming noise. Losing control of the ship, and reality, the ship crashed into the light source, a rock formation / island (based on Ball's pyramid). Stranded there for days, Skuld, unaffected by the strange siren call, murdered his crew. resorting to cannibalism. He then later killed himself, haunted by guilt... bleak, I know :)

Here's a picture of Ball's pyramid...

When I feel up to it I'll edit this post with other character info... I've just lost all drive right now..

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  1. Your covers looking awesome :D love your charcter designs man. cant wait to see your new stuff.