Thursday, 23 December 2010

For my niece Zaria

A piece for my niece... She's 7 months old... (sort of more for my brother Daniel and his girlfriend Kellie for xmas more than anything)

It's Zaria's first Christmas so the family's trying to make it extra special and awesome! I sure hope this piece, whatever my brother does with it, doesn't scare poor Zaria... Aliens and robots are suited for everybody aren't they?... except perhaps when they're abducting elephants :D

I'm still really gay for the photoshop pen tool / cell shaded / collage-ey work... Hopefully as soon as I get good at it I'll move on. Until then, it's paper cutouts for EVERYBODY!

inspired by this:

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  1. Man these are so nice :D they look sweet, and yeah totally agree, Robots are deffo suted for any body, gotta love em. Any way dude your stuff looks great :D